Changes in the Class Size Reduction Program

posted Aug 24, 2013, 6:00 AM by Korby Olson

The class size reduction program changed dramatically with the implementation of the new funding formula signed into law by the Governor in June.  MUSD is one of a minority districts in California to maintain the class size reduction program over the last few years.  The new law requires districts to have k-3 classes at 24-1.  MUSD has been committed to the class size reduction program, but the change in funding does not support 20-1; it supports 24-1. Under the old funding formula, by maintaining lower class sizes MUSD received $1,071 per student for students in classes at 20-1.  We now receive $750 per student in K-3.  The new funding formula makes it more difficult to maintain classes lower than 24-1.

From the Governor's perspective, the change will reduce class sizes in most classrooms across the state.  Under the graduated penalties established in 2008, districts received around $750 per student no matter how many students were in the class.  This led to a majority of the districts in the state to increase class sizes.   Here is a link to an article on this:  So for most students in California the new law will reduce class sizes, for MUSD it will increase them slightly.