MUSD Strategic Plan Updated

posted Jan 24, 2012, 4:42 AM by Korby Olson

The Middletown Unified School District Board of Trustees met with representatives from schools across the district to finalize their strategic plan.  Parents and staff members along with some high school students met for a Board workshop on October 28, 2011, to review the values, commitments, and initiatives proposed.

 The process of creating the plan began last year with the Board first developing a set of core values.  Parents and staff members were surveyed, student focus groups were held to provide a complete picture of the current conditions in the District.  Using that information, parents and staff members used a collaborative process to define the core values of the school district.   The core values are the key aspirations of the district.  They define not where the district is, but where the Board wants the district to be.  The core values are:

Student Centered

We value cultivating the unique potential of every child ensuring a productive life after high school


We value truth and honesty in every personal interaction throughout the District.


We value learning and teaching that engages and enriches all students

We value the highest quality staff that can instill the love of learning in all students.


We value strong parent, school and community partnerships including respectful and timely two-way communication between home and school.


We value providing a safe and supportive environment for all students

After adopting the core values, a set of commitments was developed to help guide the direction of the District.  These commitments are:

  • Students are our primary focus in all decision making
  • We expect high standards of performance from all students and ourselves
  • We provide a safe, caring, and well-managed learning environment
  • We provide safe and clean facilities for all students and district personnel
  • We foster respectful and positive social interactions
  • We do not tolerate acts of prejudice and discrimination
  • Our curriculum and instruction are appropriate, challenging, and meaningful for all students
  • All students meet or exceed state and national standards
  • We provide an educational foundation that ensures student success and a seamless transition into higher education
  • We provide highly trained, motivated, and competent district personnel to support student learning
  • We value parents and community, along with district personnel, as active partners and encourage participation in all areas affecting our students’ education
  • We exercise fiscal responsibility efficiently using our financial resources and strategically ensuring our long term stability

The final step was completed at the end of October when a set of strategic initiatives were reviewed and refined to make this plan operational.

The strategic planning process is dynamic in that the strategic initiatives must reflect the current conditions and change as the goal is met or the conditions change.   The Board identifies the core value or commitment that drives every item on their agenda.  In this way the work of the governance team always moves in the direction established by the values of the District.