Transportation Status Update

posted Dec 2, 2015, 1:36 PM by Nick Hadgis
Dear Middletown School District families,

I just wanted to remind you that due to road hazard abatement on both highways 29 and 175, our buses are going to be delayed at times.  It is really important that this work is completed so that the roads will be safe, especially with the upcoming storms this winter.  Some of the burned trees are already beginning to fall, so it is even more critical for this work to get done - we do not want any trees falling on anyone.

In addition to this, our transportation department has been hampered by a shortage of school bus drivers. If anyone out there is interested in becoming a driver, please contact Wendy Farrell (987-4180).  To become a driver, you must go through specialized training and testing, drug screening, and get a class B license.  Drivers are subject to random drug and alcohol testing throughout the year as well.

As if that all wasn't enough, due to the Valley Fire, our buses have been driven many more miles and been subject to more stresses than usual.  Despite our best efforts, some of them are breaking down, which means the transportation department has had to get resourceful - borrowing buses, using vans, and doubling up runs. 

Every single person in our transportation department has had to work a lot of overtime due to these factors.  They hate sitting in traffic as much as you and I do, and are equally frustrated by not knowing whether they'll be on schedule each day or not.  

We sincerely hope things will return to normal soon, but until they do, please try to be understanding when your student's bus is delayed.  Our transportation department has done, and continues to do, an exemplary job under very trying circumstances.

Thank you,