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Measure H Bond

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Measure H Bond Progress Update -

Current Projects- in Progress:

  • Paint and select dry rot repair to the Middletown High and Middle School campus.

  • Middletown High School - Tallman Gym Envelope Repair (LLB).

  • Sixth Grade Portables renovation project.

Projects - in Design:

  • Coyote Valley Additional NEW Portable restroom.

  • Minnie Cannon Lunch/Shade Structure.

  • Coyote Valley waste connection

Upcoming Projects:

  • Middletown Middle School - Brand NEW GYM!

    • Key Dates:

      • Design Build team proposals were due March 14th

      • Design Build Team interviews conducted the week of March 18th

      • Confidential interviews (if necessary)

      • Projected submission for Board Approval - May

      • Pending Board approval:

        • Projected estimated design completion September 2024

        • Projected estimated start of construction January 2025

  • Minnie Cannon Fencing.

  • Cobb Mountain ADA site upgrades.

  • Waste and Storm water infrastructure replacement to the Middletown High and Middle School campus.

  • Paint and select dry rot repair to elementary school campuses.

Work Completed in the last 2 years:

  • Middletown Middle school - walkway replacement (note walkway will be painted in the school wide project scope)

  • Built a brand new modular building at Minnie Cannon Elementary.

  • Replaced aging portables at Middletown High School with a Brand new modular building with 3 classrooms! (see photo below)

  • Replaced the Fire Alarm with a new system at Coyote Valley Elementary.

  • Refurbished the existing restrooms at Coyote Valley Elementary (see photo below).

  • Installed new flooring in several sites (see photo below).

Photos of the: NEW Middletown High School Modular Building - - - New Flooring - - - Updated Coyote Valley Restroom

CUPCCAA and Formal Bidding Process

Middletown Unified School District is a CUPCCAA district and in accordance with the State of California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act, is inviting all interested licensed contractors to submit their company information for inclusion to the District’s Pre-Qualified Bidding Contractors List for construction projects under $200,000 for the calendar year. Information on CUPCCAA can be found here: http://www.dir.ca.gov/public-works/publicworks.html

CUPCCAA (Informal Bidding) click HERE to sign up

  • For detailed instructions in completing your application, please navigate below (bottom of this page) and click the instructions button

  • Please contact our Construction team with any questions at construction@middletownusd.org.

  • You may also contact qbsupport@colbitech.com with any questions about the use of the Quality Bidders web-based tool.

  • Thank you for your interest in working with Middletown Unified School District!!!


  • The district is also qualifying contractors through Quality Bidders for projects that exceed the $200k threshold.

The list of Approved CUPCCAA and pre-qualified contractors can be found in the buttons below. In addition any upcoming bids or RFP's can be found in the MUSD Bids & RFP's


Meeting Cadence: First Wednesday, Monthly at 4:00pm

Upcoming Meeting: Special Meeting in July TBA

Location: Middletown Tallman Gym


Measure “H” was voter approved on November 6, 2018 - THANK YOU VOTERS! The language that accompanied the bond was to [replace outdated portables and construct permanent 21st century learning environments, modernize existing classrooms, enhance student safety and security, upgrade school grounds, and improve career technical and ag facilities...]

Under the provisions of Prop. 39, State law requires the District to establish a Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee appointed by the District's Board of Trustees. The Committee's purposes are focused on monitoring the expenditures - making sure that we are spending bond money on Bond projects.

Duties of the committee will include:

  • Ensure Bond funds are spent only on bond projects.

  • Monitor progress of Bond projects.

  • Receive and review copies of the annual performance and financial audits of Bond projects as required by California State law (Proposition 39).

  • Provide information to the public on the progress of Bond projects and expenditures of Bond funds.

The Membership of the committee is defined by law, consists of 7 members - comprised of citizens living within the boundaries of the district.

Citizens' needed to fill each category:

  • 1 member must be an active member of the business community

  • 1 member must be active in a senior citizens' organization

  • 1 member shall be active in a bona fide taxpayers' organization

  • 1 member shall be the parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the District's schools

  • 1 member shall be the parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the District's schools and active in a parent-teacher organization

*NOTE* -No employee or officer of the District may serve on the Committee, nor may any vendor, contractor or consultant of the District serve on the Committee. (Education Code Section 15282). Meetings will occur once applicants are received.

Interested community members living within the Middletown Unified School District boundaries are encouraged to apply!

For more information and an application, please see the buttons below or email us construction@middletownusd.org.

Current CBOC Committee Members:

Member Name

Business Organization (with-in district boundaries)

Parent / Guardian

Parent - Active in Parent Organization / Boosters

Bona Fide Taxpayers Organization

Senior Citizens' Organization

Member at Large

Board Approval

Cody Smith



term expires 2/14/26

Ken Davis


term expires 2/14/26

Kurtis Woodard




term expires 2/14/26

Tyson Brand




term expires 2/14/26

Whitney Brand



term expires 2/14/26

Andrew Kniffin


5/15/24 expires 5/15/26

Si necesita la traducion en español, por favor comuníquese con nosotros al Construction@middletownusd.org

Any questions on bond projects or any of the items on this page, reach out to us at Construction@middletownusd.org

Thank you!